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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding With Our Detroit Veterinarian Team

West Warren Veterinary Hospital serves pets and their pet parents living in the Detroit area, including the nearby towns of Redford, Dearborn, and Dearborn Heights. As a full-service veterinary clinic, our Detroit veterinarian facility offers many services that other nearby facilities don't--including medically-supervised pet boarding. We're proud to provide this valuable and helpful option for any local pet owner who needs a temporary home for their beloved animal companion.

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Why Choose Pet Boarding & Doggie Daycare?

If you're temporarily unable to provide care for your pet for any reason, pet boarding is an excellent option to give your pet the care it needs and you the peace of mind you want. After all, relying on friends, neighbors, and other family members to check in on your animal can certainly be a valid option for pet minding--but knowing that your pet is being provided with 24-hour supervision, food and water, plenty of space to run around and exercise, and even healthy socialization with other animals is priceless!

Our veterinarians in Dearborn and Detroit--both Dr. Sahota and Dr. Chacko--has taken care of dogs and cats for loving pet owners who:

  • Are going away on vacation
  • Are inviting house guests and/or hosting a party
  • Are performing major home renovations and/or yard work
  • Are in need of an extended hospitalization or rehabilitation stay

Doggie daycare is also an excellent option for busy pet owners who are frequently out for extended periods of times during the day.

What To Expect At Our Pet Boarding Facility

First and foremost, when you bring your dog or cat to board with us at our animal hospital, you should expect both you and your pet to be treated with dignity and compassion. We know that being separated from your pet (even if only for a day or two!) can be stressful for both animal and human. We want you to rest assured that we'll treat your dog or cat like its one of our own while in our care. We take our job seriously, but we also love what we do--and making sure every pet is comfortable, loved, and safe is our number one priority!

Our dogs and cats are kept in separate areas to ensure comfort. Dogs enjoy ample space to run and exercise in their kennel area, while cats also have plenty of room to roam in their protective cages. Our boarding guests are always provided access to clean water, and will be fed according to your specifications. They'll enjoy human interaction and playtime with other animals as appropriate. A veterinarian in Dearborn is always available (either on-site or via phone) in case of emergencies.

Lastly, you can expect our Detroit and Dearborn veterinarian team to review with you all the necessary medications and vaccinations that your pet will need prior to boarding with us. This is to ensure the safety of both your pet and every other pet that is currently residing in our facility.

Are You Looking For A Veterinarian In Detroit You Can Count On?

Whether your pet's a regular visitor at our pet boarding facility or if you're thinking about trying doggie daycare for the first time, our Detroit and Dearborn veterinarian team will do everything in our power to make sure your animal feels comfortable and safe. To schedule a pet boarding appointment or to learn about our other veterinary services, please call West Warren Veterinary Hospital today at (313) 274-2330.