Pet Dental

Pet Dental Care from Your Dearborn and Detroit Veterinarian

Here at West Warren Veterinary Hospital, we know you care about every inch of your pet from snout to tail -- including his teeth, gums and oral cavity. That's why it's so important to schedule regular pet dental care from either a Dearborn or Detroit veterinarian on our team, such as Dr. Sahota or Dr. Chacko. We're dedicated to your pet's dental health!

Why Pet Dental Care Matters

Our pets are just as susceptible to serious dental and oral issues as we are. The most common of these concerns is undoubtedly periodontal disease, which affects the majority of pets to some degree by their third birthday. This disease begins when bacteria feed on the hard, rough tartar that forms around the gum line. This sets off an immune reaction that causes gum inflammation, swelling and pain. Eventually the damage to the oral tissues causes teeth to become loose and fall out, while the bacteria may continue to cause serious health problems.

Periodontal disease isn't the only threat to your pet's mouth. Injuries and tooth damage can cause severe pain and set the stage for infection. Oral cancer, a fast-growing, potentially-fatal disease, can afflict your pet before you even see even see any telltale signs of it.

Our Pet Dentistry Services

Your pet will never lack the dental care they need here at West Warren Veterinary Hospital. Your veterinarian in Dearborn and Detroit can provide pet dentistry services such as:

  • Dental wellness exams - Keeping a close watch over your pet's mouth is the smartest strategy for ensuring a lifetime of better dental and oral wellness. Our dental wellness exams use X-rays and other advanced diagnostic techniques to catch small issues before they become major problems. We also examine your pet's oral cavity for early signs of oral cancer.
  • Teeth cleaning - No matter how carefully you brush your pet's teeth at home, he still needs professional teeth cleaning from his veterinarian in Dearborn and Detroit. Our deep cleaning tools and techniques remove tartar even below the gum line, discouraging bacterial infiltration.
  • Pet dentistry for diseases and injuries - If your pet is in pain, can't chew well or exhibits other signs of a dental problem, your veterinarian in Detroit and Dearborn is ready to help. We will diagnose the nature of your pet's dental problem and administer prompt, effective remedies, from pain relief and antibiotics to oral surgery.
  • Tooth extractions - Tooth extractions from your veterinarian in Detroit and Dearborn may be necessary if a tooth is dangerously infected, broken or riddled with bacteria.

Do Your Pet's Teeth Need a Detroit or Dearborn Veterinarian?

We offer a free initial consultation for new patients, so why not introduce your pet to the highest standards of dental care even as you introduce yourself to us? Call West Warren Veterinary Hospital at (313) 274-2330 to schedule that dental appointment with either Detroit and Dearborn veterinarian on our team!