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Pet Preventative care

Expert Dearborn Veterinarian for All Your Pet Care Needs

For a veterinarian in Detroit or a veterinarian in Dearborn, area residents have a stellar choice in West Warren Veterinary Hospital. Our welcoming facility is staffed with pet care professionals who truly understand the importance of proper care and maintenance of your furry friends. Although we are well-equipped to handle injuries and emergency situations, our main focus is encouraging pet owners to have a routine care plan for their pets to ensure their long-term health and well-being. Our highly skilled vets and friendly support staff consists of caring pet owners and pet lovers who know that pets are more than just sweet companions, they are precious, valued family members.

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Pet Preventative Care

Just as with humans, pets lives should contain certain habits and activities that ensure optimal health and wellness. Things such as daily exercise, a nutritious diet and routine checkups are important preventative steps that help to avoid illness and chronic conditions such as obesity or problems with muscles, bones and joints. In addition, pets are also susceptible to some things that humans don’t necessarily have to worry as much about: intestinal and external parasites. Although there are many treatments on the market to address these problems if your pet becomes infected, regular wellness exams can help to avoid such trouble. In the case of infection, early diagnosis may lessen your pet’s suffering and allow treatments work more quickly and effectively.

Fleas, Ticks and Lyme Disease

These are external parasites that can not only be extremely irritating for pets but they can also be a health hazard. The main problem with fleas and ticks is that they can be found anywhere and they very easily attach themselves to your pet’s fur. They can also carry diseases that may infect your pet and cause serious illness, such as Lyme Disease. Some pets are also allergic to fleas, which can heighten the discomfort and be very painful. Our vet can discuss flea and tick prevention options that may work best for your pets to help keep them safe from bites or infection.


Heartworm is an intestinal parasitic disease that can affect the heart, lungs, blood vessels and other major organs of your pet. It is an extremely serious infection that can, in some cases, be fatal. One of the major transmitters of this disease is the mosquito and even if your pet survives an infection, the effects of the disease can cause long-term ongoing health problems. Consequently, preventative Heartworm treatments from the vet on a regular basis should be an essential component of your pet’s health care and maintenance.

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As a Detroit veterinarian office serving several towns in the surrounding area, Dr. Loveleen Sahota, Dr. Thomas P. Chacko and our entire staff wants to do everything we can to incentivize the community we serve to make routine pet care a priority. We look forward to being your neighborhood pet care specialists who can help with all of your animal-related questions and concerns.