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Pet Surgery

Common Pet Surgeries Offered by our Detroit Veterinarian

Here at the West Warren Veterinary Hospital, our Redford and Dearborn veterinarian and her compassionate team understand just how stressful it can be when you discover your pet needs a surgical procedure. Even basic spay and neuter procedures can be traumatic for both you and your beloved pet, but our calming clinic environment comforts even the most nervous patients—and their concerned owners. Our Detroit veterinarian, Dr. Loveleen Sahota, offers a variety of generalized common pet surgeries and emergency care at our full service animal hospital.

Safety is Our Priority

Our state-of-the art surgical rooms are equipped with the latest and most accurate diagnostic and surgical tools in Redmond, MI. Our veterinarian staff follows the strictest sanitation protocols between patients to ensure optimal safety and to minimize risks of infection or cross contamination. In fact, at West Warren, our veterinarian in Detroit follows the same protocol during pet surgery as traditional doctors do for humans!

In-House Diagnostics and Testing

To reduce your waiting time, we offer immediate access to views of what’s happening to your pet in emergency situations before we even determine the need for surgery with digital pet x-rays. This also allows us to get a look at surgical success shortly after the completion of procedures. Our in-house laboratory handles all of your pet’s blood work and test samples, making results available much faster than vets who ship samples off-site.

Pet Surgery Services Our Veterinarian in Dearborn Offers

From routine to minor surgical procedures, we strive to offer the best medical care possible when you need it most. Our Dearborn veterinarian team is highly trained in anesthesia and monitored sedation techniques to ensure your pet surgery procedure is pain-free. Some of the pet surgeries we provide include:

Spay and Neuter Services: Formally known as ovariohysterectomy and orchidectomy respectively, you can help protect the pet population and extend your pet’s life with spay/neuter services.

Caesarian Sections: We can assist in complex births common to aging and pocket pets.

Dental Cleanings & Procedures: From routine cleanings to complex extractions and dental restorations, West Warren can help preserve your pet’s oral health.

Simple and Extended Mass Removal: We can remove herniations, bladder and gall stones, tumors, cysts and other masses.

Laceration and Wound Care: Bites, cuts, and deep wounds can result in serious injuries that may require minor pet surgeries. We’re equipped to handle these emergencies!

Looking for Top Pet Care from a Veterinarian in Detroit?

Look no further for great care for your furry friend than from our veterinarian in Dearborn at West Warren Veterinary Hospital in Redford, Michigan. Schedule your appointment today and meet our exceptional team by stopping by our office at 22530 W. Warren Avenue in Redford, MI or call (313) 274-2330 . We look forward to making you and your four-legged friends a part of our family!