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Vaccinations and Preventative Care from Our Detroit Veterinarian

Routine wellness exams and yearly pet vaccines are an important part of pet health care for any owner. Not only is this crucial to keeping your pets healthy, but making sure your dog or cat has the proper vaccinations and preventative care can keep your family healthy, too! Dr. Loveleen Sahota, Dr. Thomas P. Chacko, and our caring team at West Warren Veterinary Hospital have been keeping Detroit, Redford, Dearborn, and Dearborn Heights pets healthy for over 10 years and can help your pet maintain a healthy lifestyle, too. Our Detroit veterinarian wants to help your pets stay in tip top shape, to enjoy as much time with you as possible, and vaccinations play a huge role in good pet health.

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Why Your Pet Needs Vaccinations from Our Dearborn Veterinarian

Dogs and cats must receive the proper pet vaccines to help protect them from harmful viral and bacterial diseases like rabies, feline leukemia virus, and canine parvo-virus. These dangerous diseases can cause severe sickness or even death for your pet if they do not have the proper vaccinations each year to protect them. These pet vaccines are important because they include antigens to stimulate the immune system, which helps offer immunity against these harmful diseases.

Our Dearborn veterinarian suggests that your pet’s yearly wellness exam include the necessary pet vaccines to prevent these diseases from spreading so that there will be less animals who get sick.

Our Experienced Veterinarian in Detroit Recommends a Proper Vaccination Schedule for Your Pet

Protection against these dangerous diseases should begin when your dog or cat is just a young puppy or kitten so that they are not in danger of getting sick from these serious diseases. The shots must begin when they are young and should be supplemented with booster shots on a regular basis as they mature. Dr. Loveleen Sahota, our veterinarian in Dearborn, can tell you which vaccines your dog or cat needs and can set you up on a proper vaccination and preventative care schedule to keep your pet protected throughout their life.

Common Vaccinations for Your Dog and Cat:





•Feline Leukemia

•Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Make an Appointment with Our Veterinarian in Dearborn for Your Pet’s Wellness Exam and Vaccinations

Our experienced veterinarian in Dearborn and our professional, friendly team can answer any questions you may have about vaccinating your dog or cat and provide the proper wellness exam and pet vaccines your furry friend needs for a long and healthy life with you. Our West Warren Veterinary Hospital offers convenient office appointment times for your hectic schedule as well as a free consultation for all of our new patients. Please call our Detroit veterinarian today to schedule an appointment for your pet’s annual vaccinations at (313) 486-3811. We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon at West Warren Veterinary Hospital in Detroit, MI!holder