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Our Veterinarian in Dearborn Is Here for Your Pet Care Needs

West Warren Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to offering full service pet care to your furry friends. Our veterinarian in Dearborn serves the Detroit areas including Redford, Dearborn and Dearborn Heights. We are proud to offer in-house diagnostics, dentistry services, pet grooming, dietary counseling and surgical services all under one roof in our clinic. We know our families are busy and why we aim to provide comprehensive care all in one place. Dr. Loveleen Sahota has years of experience providing calm, relaxed care and encourages the whole family to be involved the family pet's care.

Emergency Pet Care

We are your trusted source for emergency pet care should your pet ever need urgent attention. Our in-house diagnostics allow us to provide on-demand treatment to your pet that could help save their life. We are equipped to perform pet surgery when necessary. If you you are in need of emergency care after-hours then please call Dworkis Dog & Cat Animal Hospital at 248-569-3030.


We'll help keep your pet up to date on any of the state vaccination requirements and more!

Pet Surgery

Our experienced Detroit, MI veterinarians are here to help you and your furry friend stay in tip top shape no matter what the problem. We offer a wide variety of surgery options depending on your pets needs. Please call our office to learn more about the specific surgeries that we can provide your pet!

If your pet's surgery or care requires an overnight stay with us, we provide pet boarding. Please ask us about options for boarding your pet for a short or longer stay.

Pet Dental Care

You may be surprised to learn that pets require very similar pet dental care to their human companions. We screen your pet for conditions such as tartar, gingivitis and plaque during their dental examination. Because pets cannot always tell us if they are in pain or experiencing discomfort, we perform a dental x-ray to rule out any abscessed teeth or infections that may be taking place below the gum line. Dental health can affect whole pet health and why we stress once or twice per year dental care. We will provide a dental exam for your pet and a dental cleaning.

Pet Grooming

Your pet deserves to be pampered. In addition to feeling relaxed, pet grooming is also great for your pet's health. Keeping fur trimmed from the eyes and mouth as well as nails trimmed is a hygienic necessity for your furry friend. For your convenience we offer full service pet grooming in our Dearborn Heights animal hospital. When you phone us to schedule your pet's regular examination or pet dental care visit, ask about finishing your session with a pet grooming.

Dietary and Nutritional Counseling

Each pet and breed is unique and requires unique nutritional needs and dietary counseling. During your annual examination, this is a great time to ask about any nutritional needs or pet food concerns you may have. Please ask us about which food choices we think will suit your pet's needs most ideally. If your pet is experiencing a health concern we may prescribe a specific diet for your pet that either restricts certain foods or makes use of a particular diet. If your pet has received or is receiving surgery we will likely discuss or prescribe a particular type of diet during this time.

Our Dearborn veterinarian looks forward to serving all of your family's pet care needs. Please call us at %CLIENT_PHONE%